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Whistleblowing: Pros and Cons

Whistleblowing: Pros and Cons

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Even though a lot of people are able to distinguish right from wrong, they are not motivated or interested enough, in order to fund their energy into bringing the wrongdoings into the light of day.  Some people just lack the courage needed to blow the whistle and call the justice.

There are many reasons why you should blow the whistle, but there are also many reasons why a lot of people choose not to.  Even though this cowardly act is the easy way out, a lot of people choose to look the other way.  Here are just some of many pros, as well as cons, to whistleblowing.


Doing The Right Thing

1bb0b59As it has been previously mentioned, a lot of people are able to distinguish right from wrong.  When presented with a wrongdoing, a lot of people choose to remain silent.  However one of the main reasons why you should contact a whistleblower lawyers and blow a whistle on a wrongdoing is precisely because you are aware that you are doing the right thing.

Being Proud Of Yourself

You don’t need your friends or society to be proud of your actions.  Calling out on criminal or suspicious activities when you see them, will make you feel good about yourself, as it often happens when you do the right thing.  This sense of accomplishment stems from being able to restore justice in this world.

Improving Society – Making the World A Better Place

A lot of people do not realize that when they call out the wrongdoings and bring them to the face of justice, they are improving this world bit by bit, step by step.  If you want to improve the society you live in, and make the world a better place, this is the right place to start.  Even though your battles might seem small, insignificant; they are probably only a tiny piece of the puzzle of what makes the world a better place.

What Really Happens To Whistleblowers?


Failing To Bring The Wrongdoings To Justice

Some people simply choose not to report and the wrongdoings and bring them to the face some justice because they are afraid that and the legal system will fail them.  Failing to achieve justice can be devastating for anyone who believes in it.

Losing Your Job

When-You-Lose-a-JobFurthermore, many whistleblowers have been faced with not so pleasant consequences which were a result of bringing suspicious activities to justice.  Many whistleblowers have lost their jobs.  This is one of the main reasons why people choose not to report wrongdoings.

Having To Live With Negative Comments

Unfortunately, sometimes the whistleblowers are not complimented for their achievements; but rather, they must face negative comments, and sometimes are even prevented from developing their future careers.

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